1. PAPS is a program serving for the pilots employed within the Pegasus Airlines.

2. PAPS takes a proactive approach against situations that may pose a risk against the flight safety for all pilots and the main target of this program is to provide psychological and vocational guidance within the scope of social support. Guidance support is provided by Peer Pilots within Pegasus Airlines under voluntary basis.

3. PAPS is a free and proactive support service and certainly not an emergency support program for cases requiring emergency response, incident response, first aid, or evacuation. For operational emergencies, please contact the Crew Planning Department or the Flight Operations Manager. Please call 122 for personal emergencies.

4. Pilot Peers within PAPS serves voluntarily after completing the necessary trainings for this support program. The aim of this volunteer service is to provide assistance and guidance with respect to confidentiality principles, a non-punitive approach and just culture principles. The appointment of the Peer Pilot depends on the approval of the pilot under all circumstances.

5. Pilots can apply to PAPS on their behalf and/or direct their colleagues to get support. Relatives of pilots can also refer the pilot for support. Participation in the PAPS program is dependent on the pilot's request or acceptance of support in all circumstances.

6. When a pilot applies through the website but does not specify the Pilot Peer; he/she still has a right to change their Pilot Peer appointed to them by declaring to the PAPS Group Representative that he/she would like a Pilot Peer allocation.

7. Peer Pilots have no responsibility or authority to decide or intervene in any matter on behalf of pilots receiving support. The support provided by Peer Pilot is not a psychological counselling service. Peer Pilots are not considered responsible for the decisions and behaviours of pilots receiving support.

8. Peers can be supervised by a mental health specialist whenever they need to increase the nature of support and for monitoring their personal development.

9. Pegasus Airlines and PAPS Program respect and protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially the privacy of private life regulated in Article 20 of the Turkish Constitution Law. For information on the use of personal data within the scope of the PAPS Program, please review the "Privacy Policy".

10. The information regarding the Supported Pilots will only be known by the appointed Pilot Peer and the Pilot Peer Group Representatives working under the umbrella of the PAPS Program. All Peers within the program PAPS sign the Confidentiality Agreement. Pegasus Airlines employees participating in this program agree and undertake to act in accordance with the principles of confidentiality. Administrative and technical measures are applied in the PAPS Program to ensure confidentiality and anonymity of personal information.

11. Personal information within the scope of the PAPS Program will not be shared within or outside of Pegasus Airlines, except for situations that are considered to affect flight safety, situations that may pose a risk of harm to the Supported Pilot or others, legal obligations and anonymous information for analysis/statistical reporting.

12. The guidance support received within the scope of the PAPS Program aims to develop positively the pilots who receive support with a proactive approach in terms of human factors, individual well-being and flight safety. However, within the scope of the PAPS Program, the continuation of the support process with professional support, and the need to restrict or stop flight duties in cases that are considered to affect flight safety can be decided. All of the mentioned processes are operated within the scope of confidentiality principles, non-punitive approach and fair culture principles.