What is PAPS and what would I use this service for? Pegasus Airlines Peer Support Program (PAPS) serves those pilots who work at Pegasus Airlines. This service provides peer to peer support. You can use this service to talk about topics that you feel necessary and would like support on.

You can apply for PAPS yourself, refer a crew member or if you have a relative/close person working at Pegasus Airlines you can refer them for support.

Examples of support topics are:
  • • your psychological wellbeing,
  • • life stressors and changes,
  • • Interpersonal problems,
  • • fatigue,
  • • work/life balance,
  • • bereavement,
  • • sim check worries,
  • • concerns about a colleague,
  • • career options,
  • • culture shock,
  • • health concerns and similar topics are covered.
*PAPS is not an emergency service support function. For emergencies please contact your Fleet Type Manager. Who are the Peers and what are their responsibilities? Peers are trained Pegasus Airlines pilots who are have volunteered to participate in this program and are trained specifically for this role. While they cannot act on your behalf, provide expert opinion, or give behavioral guidance; they are trained to give you the proper support and in return are supported by a team of mental health specialists. They are willing to listen to you, understand your challenges and help you figure it out. Who can apply and/or refer for Peer support? Pilots who work in Pegasus Airlines can apply personally or refer their fellow crew members. Also, a close person (relative/partner) can refer the Pilot for support through our website. How does PAPS work - in brief? If you are a pilot working at Pegasus Airlines, you can apply (başvuru formu link eklenecek) via our website and request to talk to a Peer. You can apply anonymously or by declaring ID. You will receive an email/text message confirming your contact request.

Applications can only be viewed by Peer Group Representative. The available Peer will contact you by your choice of preference.

Peer Volunteer to pick up this request will either text or email (whichever preference you indicated) you and arrange a suitable time to talk on the phone.

The aim of the initial conversation will be to understand you and the best way to support. The method of conversations to follow will be decided by both parties. You may have a specific request or need specific guidance/ information in which case we are here for you!

From the initial application until the termination of support, all conversation will the kept between you and the Peer. Confidentiality is our core principle. When is the right time to apply for PAPS? It is always better to talk to someone before problems become overwhelming and suffocating. Issues solved before they reach a crisis moment can be solved easier and with less damage. In fact, the sooner you apply, the better it will be. How concerned about a colleague do I have to be to contact this service? It is always better for the person to make initial contact and apply. First, you can start by trying to convince them and tell them how concerned you feel about their situation. However, sometimes people can be fearful or might lose perspective on how the situation they are in can impact their performance or those they work with.

Maybe you still have doubts as you are reading this. That is exactly what we are here for! We assure you that it will be a confidential and safe process. I have an emergency - can I use this service? No, we are not set up to deal with emergencies. If you think that your own (or someone else’s) safety is in immediate danger, please contact your fleet type manager. How are the Peers allocated and who sees my contact request? After submitting your application your contact request will be forwarded only to the Peer Group Representative via our website. Peer Group Representative initiates your support process by allocating your request to the Peer that is available and suitable for your needs. No one else will see your information or request. Peer allocated to you will call you in accordance with the level of emergency you stated in the application form. What if I do not want to proceed with the peer who has been allocated to me? If you know the peer once they have made contact with you and would prefer not to proceed, or you have already started and would prefer a different peer, you have one option: let them know that you would prefer to speak to someone else. Where and how will the meetings with my Peer proceed? The frame of the meetings will vary depending on the availability and choice of both sides (such as phone, e-mail, face to face). Of course, there are boundaries and fundamental principles that need to be protected. The Peer allocated to you will give more detailed information on this. Are there conditions when the privacy policy is broken? If Peers perceive danger of risking the safety and security of yourself or others within your sphere of influence, they will first share this situation with you via open communication and afterwards this risk will be evaluated with professionals and after your approval shared with necessary authorities. In this case our priority is your safety and the safety of others which is above the principle of privacy. I didn’t receive my email/text confirming receipt of my contact request.. If we haven’t contacted, you within 24 hours probably we haven’t received your submission. Please e-mail pilotsupporters@flypgs.com or renew your application. I would like to give feedback on PAPS. You can submit your feedback via contact section on the website.